Welcome to Sensation Jewellery Necklaces collection

Since 2002 we love sourcing new designs for you and for many designs we have taken into account your feedback and your requests.

Our Contemporary Designs, including Leather & Cord, are an all time favourite, in silver, gold colours and now the trendy rose gold colour.

We are well known for our statement necklaces, some are part of the contemporary designs some are bold acrylic colourful necklaces.

You will also find many crystal and enamel necklaces in our collection.

A number of necklaces come with matching earrings and sometimes matching bracelet, you will be able to view them when clicking on the necklace.

You can sort the product in your preferred order such as A-Z, price, etc. Or you can browse by selecting the type of necklace you are looking for, contemporary, crystal, enamel, leather, long necklace or simply by colour.